Now that we have moved forward with a platform we feel would work best for MAASF, we are now in beta. Basically that means the forum is back up, but that there isn’t anything in it yet. Over the next few weeks, we will be working to bring content back online and testing out the sites new functions, including facebook connectivity.

Register and say hello when you get a chance!

To Pre-Pay for Lost Republic 2 see below details:

1. Pre-Register at the below Link

Click Here to Register

2. Send Pre-Payment to (Include the same name used in your per-registration form ), details below

Pre-pay Opens June 1st and Ends July 31st

Single Player Pre-Pay – $40

Squad Pre-Pay – (Registering 6+ individuals at once) $35 Per

After July 31st if you do not pre-pay registration is $50.

Send payment via paypal to with the following information:

Name or Names if you are paying for multiple players (make sure they still all register)

To start, no donations necessary at this time. I want to take a little bit of time for a group of us to think about what will make MAASF a great tool and useful to our community. That does not happen from split turn decisions. If people wish to donate after we’ve announced what that plan actually is, they are free to do so, but I do not want to stand here and pretend that it’s the communities role to bail us out from what is at the end of the day something we should have been better prepared for.  We have the opportunity to start over, and although its not in the way I would ever have wanted, life seems to throw this kind stuff at you on a regular basis, and you just have to go with it.

Now a few things, one, I am very very very… annoyed… with our former host for just up and skipping town. 10 Years. 10 Years worth of data, of work, of community, our essence, all gone. So I figure I might start by sharing a bit about our friend, lest he EVER try running a business again.

JACK DOAN IS A THIEF, DO NOT TRUST JACK DOAN, DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH JACK DOAN, DOANVPS DESTROYED OUR WEBSITE. There now that google analytics has picked up on that (and I will keep repeating it in all posts I ever make from now on) Jack Doan is a young man from Texas, he is likely starting out his Freshmen year in college in the Dallas area, and Jack Doan apparently runs businesses into the ground that are named after himself. Had I known we were doing business with someone his age, I would have pulled the plug, but alas I do not manage every aspect of whom we get services from.

So please, if you know the young intrepid Mr.Doan, I really would like to have our data back, and gosh darnet, if I don’t I will be sure to keep mentioning his name (Jack Doan is a thief) on every form of social media till… I know longer have a keyboard from which to type. Might be tough to get into doing business involving computers if your name pops up on every google search telling the world the kind of person you are?

Now moving onward. MAASF will be looking at platforms that allow for a better way for our community members to communicate, share, and of course plan. A starting point is to identify what are the best tools available, that allow quick and easy connectivity. As we’ve noted plenty of times, Facebook is currently a favored tool, because it allows quick and easy access, but it lacks the ability to have longer standing / meaningful conversations and can never have a purely airsoft focus.

In the meantime, we have a great partner in NEASG and so luckily the conversation overall does not need to end, and as I have for the past few years suggest that you take part in the larger conversation there as well. What is important to me, is to keep alive a focused and meaningful community of people in Massachusetts, to give Players, Businesses and Retailers an easy way to connect and know each other, and to honestly, have fun building something different.

To close, Jack Doan is a thief, but our foundation is strong, and I will not let one little bastard destroy all our hard work.

Thank you!

We are working to get maasf forums back online. As this time we are trying to track down the hosting company we had used, to recover our data from them.

Sacslym will post a more detailed update later today, as to our plans to restore maasf forums.